Nebux Classic

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Nebux Classic: solve the problem of condensate drainage from air conditioners. (in a matter of minutes) and ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Nebux® is TermoIdroElettrica Migani’s new patented system for atomising air conditioner condensate drainage.

The system consists of only a few elements to reduce the risk of malfunctions and failures.
A central apparatus (pump and diaphragm) protected by a white box, a tube to collect the discharge water, a small tube to dispose of the mist and an end nozzle that only need connecting together to solve the condensate drainage problem in a practical, fast and cost-effective way

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With NEBUX you solve the condensate drainage problem of any air conditioner ONCE AND FOR ALL – and in a matter of minutes.

The system, as mentioned, has few component parts, precisely to totally eliminate the risk of malfunctions and failures: central apparatus, tube for collecting the waste water, small tube for atomising it, and final nozzle.

The central apparatus is also equipped with a double inlet filter, pump suction, double thermal protection connected to both the pump and the electronic board, as well as a terminal to deactivate the conditioner during an alarm.

On the outside are a series of LEDs with different colours to indicate power supply, operation and faults. All equipped with 2 corrosion-free stainless steel nozzles.

  • Noise level at 1 metre below 24 dB(A)
  • Water flow rate 6min. / 0.5L
  • Maximum discharge 50m
  • Power supply 220-240v-50Hz
  • Power 65W
  • Fuse 0.5 A
  • Maximum water temperature 40°
  • Dimensions 17x13x7 cm


How much energy does it consume?
Nebux connects to the air conditioner’s electrical system and has a low power consumption (estimated consumption: 65W).

Can I install it myself?
Absolutely! Nebux, as explained above, is a practical system, consisting of a ‘box’ and two water pipes. All you need is a drill and a bit of patience to assemble it. If, however, you are not handy with DIY, then we recommend that you contact an installer who will fit it for you in less than 10 minutes!

Does it require any maintenance?
Nebux is maintenance free and can safely remain mounted even during the winter period. 

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