Antonio Gervasoni
Speedy dispatch and Andrea was very kind to help me with the assembly.
A little patience and now I finally no longer have to think about emptying the water can.

Orfeo Bini
Permanently solves the problem of condensate drainage!

Fulvio Vasserot
Excellent atomiser for the air conditioner, no more problems with getting rid of the water produced.

Danilo D'Amico
I had a problem created by fitting a Nebux that was too small for my dualsplit. The plumber who fitted it said there was no solution, but after asking the company for information, Andrea came to my aid by taking back my Nebux Classic in exchange for a Nebux Superior with a big discount.
Truly fantastic. Thank you thank you thank you.

Davide Moroni
Excellent product, punctual delivery and reliable service.

Massimiliano La Rocca
Easy to install and effective system. Thank you

B.L. IMPIANTI Briguglio Luca
Excellent product, easy to install.
Minimal space requirements effective and decisive.

Sergio Lanzone
Well what can I say: it works!
In my case, it solved the problem once and for all: an elderly lady who had to go out frequently to empty containers full of water.

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