What is Nebux

Nebux is the new system patented by NBX di Migani Andrea for atomising air conditioner condensate drainage.

The system is built very simply and consists of only a few elements to reduce the risk of malfunctions and failures.

The central apparatus (pump) protected by a white box, tube to collect the drainage water, tube to dispose of the mist and final nozzle only need to be connected together to solve the condensate drainage problem in a practical and economical way.

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EASY to install

Watch the video and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to install Nebux® on your existing air conditioning system!

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The Advantages of Nebux

Never again will you have to resort to ugly unsightly solutions which, more than solve, merely 'patch up' the real problem: no more jerry cans and basins on the terrace!
You won't have to complicate your life and work with pipes running over the wall and hooking up to the drainpipes;
You won't run the risk of causing unpleasant leaks or water infiltration with complicated installation systems which connect up to the bathroom or kitchen;
You get a solution that consumes very little power (Nebux consumes 65 watts at the most);
If the system has indoor splits, you do not have to attach anything to the splits, because the atomiser connects up to the outdoor unit;
In general, you will be able to offer your customers the only true solution for air conditioner condensation which is both practical and looks great in the home.

How to Install Nebux

Nebux is a small device, in fact its measurements are: 20 x 10 x 15 cm. You can place Nebux under the outdoor unit of your home air conditioner (as shown in the demonstration photo).

Proceed with the installation as follows:

Installazione Nebux®
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Drill 2 holes in the wall and fix Nebux at the desired location
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Connect the condensate drain pipe to Nebux
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Place the nozzle [2] in the air-conditioning grille
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Connect Nebux to the mains
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Operate the air conditioner and wait for the first misting.


Find answers now to the most frequently asked customer questions
How much energy does it consume?

Nebux connects to the air conditioner’s electrical system and has a low power consumption.

Estimated consumption: 65W.

Can I install it myself?

Of course! Nebux is a practical system, consisting of a ‘box’ and two water pipes. All you need is a drill and a little patience. If you are not handy with DIY, we recommend that you contact an installer.

Does it require maintenance?

Nebux is maintenance-free and can safely remain mounted even during the winter period.

Are you an installer?

Did you know that in just 10 minutes, thanks to the innovative Nebux system, which is so easy to install on your air conditioner even if you don’t have 30 years’ experience in installations, you can finally realise your customers’ dream of THROWING AWAY THAT OBSCENE CAN for collecting condensate …

…so much so that from then on they will trust you more than their wives and for any other installation job you will always be number one in their phone book?

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